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Rags Gardner - Professional Profile

I retired from IBM in 1993.   I then incorporated a small computer consulting business focusing on IBM CICS for Distributed Systems.   This led to some interesting travel to international client locations, and thus an increased interest in digital photography.   Christine Matt (co-founder of Rags Inc) was able to accompany me on some of these trips.   You can see some of our trip albums by following the Friends and Family easter egg on the left.   I decided in 2004 that it is time to start a new career in digital photographic services.   Information regarding the TXSeries Distributed CICS consulting and services will remain available via this link.

Photography Services

My equipment includes good digital cameras (Nikon D200 and Kodak Pro SLR/n), a good Dye Sublimation printer (Kodak 8500), a good Inkjet printer (Epson 2200), lots of experience with computer technologies, and updated photographic skills.   I am focusing entirely on digital media rather than film.   Digital media offers some delivery mechanisms and creative opportunities not easily available with film.   Of course, high quality prints are available from the digital photos.   You can preview some of my photographic efforts via the Photo Gallery link to the left of this frame.

I have a small informal studio located in my home office.   I am available to shoot portraits, sports, events, and commercial products in a setting of your choosing.   Images can be delivered as prints, web albums, and/or CD slide shows.   I am also available as a photographic assistant, for mentoring or training, and to help you with Photoshop automation through Javascripts.

Photographic Fees

Fees are negotiable based on specific project objectives.   Basic portraits at my studio are priced at $20 per 8x10 print.   The same price gets 2 prints at 5x7 or three prints at 4x6.   The sitting fee of $80 will be waived for all orders of $100 or more.   All orders include a CD of the ordered images suitable for printing at a minimum of 4x6 size.

Additional services such as photo restoration, custom digital backgrounds, and extensive retouching are available at $30/hr.   There is a half-hour minimum.   There is no charge for minor retouching and cropping as part of the order.

Most stock photos shown at my online gallery are available at $30 per 8x10 inch print.   Price quotes are available for larger (or smaller) prints.   Many of my wildlife prints are available at the Art Center for the Islands in Port Aransas, TX.   I have not setup a mechanism for online ordering or payment as yet, so please send me an email indicating your order quantity and photos by file name.   I will require payment by check via land mail.

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