Photoshop JavaScript Calculation Utilities


This package consists of three simple Photoshop CS JavaScript utilities that perform some routine calculations of photographic interest.   They were created primarily for educational interest.   They will calculate exposure values, contrast ratios, and depth of field.

The first, Calculate_EV simply will calculate exposure values and related exposure settings.   Simply update the shutter, aperture, or ISO and the corresponding exposure value will be calculated.   If the EV is updated, radio buttons determine if the shutter, aperture, or ISO will be recalculated.

The second, Calculate_dB simply converts between decibels, contrast ratios, and dynamic range as exposure values.   This is a useful aid in understanding the true dynamic range of DSLR cameras.

The third, Calculate_DoF will calculate Depth of Field metrics such as hyperfocal distance and near and far DoF limits from information about the lens, aperture, subject distance, and image format.   It will also calculate Airy Disk diffraction limits and diffraction limits imposed by small photosite sizes.   It accomidates image sizes from the smallest point and shoot cameras to large format 8x10" film or even custom formats.   It also supports macro distances closer than 1:1.


These scripts are provided as shareware with no warranty, but you are free to use and modify them as you see fit.   If you feel obliged to pay something, make a contribution to your favorite charity.   The sample scripts are available at this link in a ZIP file   These have been tested under Windows and Mac systems with Photoshop CS2 and CS3.   The User's Guide is included in the zip file and is accessable here: PhotoCalculateUtilities.pdf.   To use these scripts, copy them to [PhotoshopCsInstall]/Presets/Scripts/.   There are no dependencies on any images.

I have also created an HTML forms based DoF Calculator

If you have any comments, or suggestions, I would welcome your input.   Please send me an  Email.

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October 20, 2008

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